• Auto Molding System
  • Trim & Form singulation system
  • MGP Mold
  • IC Lead Frame stamp tools
  • Automatic Film Arrangement Equipment
  • Auto Degating Machine

One stop fully automatic packaging, trim and form singulation system

Rib cutting forming separation system

Our company specializes in the research and production of Leadframe transfer molding,semiconductor chip packaging machine industry, include:Auto molding system ,semiconductor transfer molding system ,Trim and Form Singulation System,Trim & Form Tools,LeadFrame stamp tools,MGP Mold,An auto degating system. The bare lead frame passes through an automatic lamination machine for whole mold lamination, and then is transported to the plastic sealing mold through the feeding track. After injecting black EMC into the plastic sealing mold, the encapsulated product is obtained. Next, the glue machine removes excess gates of plastic.

The product is electroplated and flows into the cutting rib ,or trim and form process.The finished frame automatically passes through the cutting grip for loading, and is then placed on the punching track. It then enters the trim mold and forming mold through the feeding machine, and after singulated in the mold, the finished product flows into the piping system to obtain the product.

IC Lead Frame

Semiconductor Plastic sealing Mold

Automation Equipment

Trim the flush and gate System

Company Advantages
Widely adopting advanced technology in the industry, keeping up with the times, continuously developing advanced manufacturing processes, prioritizing structural innovation, and developing efficient, long-lived, and high-precision molds and packaging equipment. We have been awarded the title of "High tech Enterprise" and have obtained multiple national patents, as well as internationally advanced processing equipment.
Company culture /keep improving/focus on the issue solution
Research And Development Advantages
We have over 50 research and development technicians, and the company has multiple technology patents. We have been awarded the titles of National High tech Enterprise and Shenzhen High tech Enterprise. Our core technology is at the forefront of the industry and we have core competitiveness.

Quality Advantage
The quality control department of Taijin Semiconductor has a comprehensive quality control process and strictly follows the quality inspection standards of each processing, providing strong support for Taijin's production of high-quality plastic packaging equipment.

Manufacturing Advantages
The company has advanced manufacturing and processing capabilities in China, multiple CNC precision machining equipment, and a experience team of automation design experts and skilled and engineers in assembly of the molds and machines.

Service Advantages
Professional in the customers site ! Instant understanding of usage issues, timely analysis , spare parts designing accordingly , replaceable. Adjustable, upgradable, and capable of providing long-term on-site debugging, installation and maintenance, training, and other work support for external engineers.
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An semiconductor auto EMC molding system , trim and form singulation system manufacturer
Auto molding system ,semiconductor transfer molding system ,Trim and Form Singulation System,Trim & Form Tools,LeadFrame stamp tools,MGP Mold,An auto degating system for IC: 0086-13686286310,phone:+86-769-8537 9757

Guangdong Taijin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 have two production base of an area of 8,000 square meters with 280 employees,more than 30 experience engineers for the leadframe mold ,trim and form molds ,assembly engineer and controling systems for the machines. We are manufacturer for Lead frame transfer mold, MGP mold, IC plastic sealing mold , fully automatic transfer molding system, Auto Molding System, Trim & Form , singulation system ,de-gate machine, and other systems for package type of TO, SOP, SSOP, TSSOP, DIP, SOT, ESOT, SOD, QFN, SMA, SMC, SMBF, MBF, JA, QFP, IPM, BGA, DFN and etc. It is widely used in semiconductor devices,such as capacitors, inductors, resistors, bridge circuits, vehicle electronics, etc.