Customer come to review the projects for their trim form singulation system and molding system

With the rapid development of Guangdong Taijin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. and the continuous improvement of its product research and development capabilities,

it is expanding our international market while doing a good job in the domestic market, and has attracted foreign customers to visit and inspect.

On June 1, 2024, a group of foreign customers visited to see the progress on site, and   our boss and the teams leader of various departments gave a warm reception.

A group of foreign customers visited Taijin Semiconductor's production workshop and mold processing workshop on site. The customers expressed their recognition and praise for

our company's production workshop environment, orderly production process, advanced process equipment, perfect product system and strict product quality control, which further deepened the customers' impression of Taijin.

During the visit, the company's technical and sales staff gave detailed answers to various technical questions raised by customers about the purchased "fully automatic molding system 180T"

and "fully automatic trim and forming singulation system".

The rich knowledge and enthusiastic work attitude left a deep impression on domestic customers.

Taijin has always worked hard to pace the strengt20240604h of services, and quality is our guarantee for going abroad. Good brands and good quality

not only stand the test of time but also win the recognition of more and more domestic and foreign customers.

Through this visit, we not only deepened our mutual understanding, but also enhanced our confidence in cooperation. We know that only by continuous innovation and excellence

can we remain invincible in the fierce market competition. We look forward to working hand in hand with more domestic and foreign partners to create a better future together.