Auto Molding System自动塑封压机


● Semiconductor automatic molding machine, also known as automatic molding machine;

● Full servo control system, PLC (Omron)+controller;
● Standardized mold structure for easy replacement;
● Efficient cake feeding components, aluminum material box feeding;
● Automatic box entry, double material receiving box stacked material receiving;
● Supports flexible expansion of up to 4 sets of compressors, achieving high UPH;
● Equipped with a visual System identification to identify the feeding direction;
● WIN10+15 inch touch screen+touch keyboard;
● CCD image detection, anti backtracking detection for incoming materials;
● Optional mold vacuum pumping function, isolation mold function, and post molding detection function;
● Using imported raw materials, with high accuracy, stable performance, and guaranteed quality;
● Customized as needed.

【Performance Parameter】

● Closing pressure: 98-1764kN;

● Injection pressure: 4.9~30kN adjustable;
● Applicable lead frame/substrate size: width 20-90mm, length 100-300mm, thickness 0.15-1.2mm;
● Applicable size of plastic sealing material: diameter φ   11-20mm, length/diameter 1.2-2.0 (Max 35mm).

Equipment Details


Sample Display