Semiconductor Transfer Molding System


Auto Transfer Molding


● Full servo control system, PLC (Omron)+upper computer;

● WIN10+15 inch touch screen+touch keyboard;
● CCD image detection, feed anti backtracking detection
● Standardized mold structure for easy replacement;
● Efficient cake feeding components, aluminum material box feeding;
● Supports flexible expansion of up to 4 sets of compressors, achieving high UPH;
● Equipped with a visual System identification to identify the feeding direction;
● Automatic box entry, double material receiving box stacked material receiving;
● Optional mold vacuum pumping function, isolation mold function, and post molding detection function;
● Using imported raw materials, with high accuracy, stable performance, and guaranteed quality;
● Customized according to needs, worry free after-sales service.

【Performance Parameter】

● Closing pressure: 98-1764kN;

● Injection pressure: 4.9-29.4kN adjustable;
● Applicable lead frame/substrate size: width 20-90mm, length 124-300mm;
● Applicable size of plastic sealing material: diameter φ   11-20mm, length 12-35mm;

Equipment Details

半导体塑封设备 半导体塑封设备

Sample Display


Taijin Semiconductor specializes in the production and customization of semiconductor packaging equipment, including automatic plastic sealing systems, intelligent fully automatic cutting and forming separation systems, cutting and forming equipment, automatic plastic sealing presses, automatic sheet arrangement machines, and punching channel residual glue machines. Customized according to needs, it has high accuracy, stable performance, and ensures quality.